The journey of faith is a long one. Life long. We all go through seasons where we feel as though we have found ourselves within the very heart of God and others where we aren’t even sure if God really exists. Bibles sit dusty on the shelves because we can’t seem to find His voice in the text.

This blog has become a part of my journey. After many failed attempts to read the Bible through cover to cover—looking at it more as a boring novel rather than the living, breathing, supernatural Word of God—I took to the internet. It may seem silly, but suddenly, the fact that I was accountable to complete strangers made my reading time more important. Not only am I sharing my findings with the world, but I am pushing myself to receive something from God every day.

It isn’t always easy to find a relevant word from the Lord when reading through the book of Leviticus, but in my faithfulness to open my Bible every morning, God has proven Himself faithful in giving me something to take with me as I begin each day.

This year, my translation of choice is the New Living Translation. The only reason I chose this translation was because it was one of the least marked-up Bibles I own. I wanted to be sure I was reading every word—not just the ones I’d previously highlighted. Read along in the NLT or pick out your own translation. I pray that God will give you revelation no matter what translation you use. I’ve even left space for you to record your own thoughts!

I hope that the lessons I’ve learned can encourage you and help you as you continue—or even start—your walk of faith.


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